Container Gardening Ideas: Hollow Tree Stump Used as Planter!

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Hollow Tree Stump Used as Container Garden!

Hollow Tree Stump Used as Container Garden!

Container Gardening Ideas: Hollow Tree Stump Used as Planter!

Image used under creative commons licence with kind permission of kenjonbro and Flickr

It's always sad to me when a tree dies, and must be cut down.

Those forlorn stumps that you see around town are just a reminder of the beautiful plant that once grew there, and are not much use for anything.

Some people use the flat base to stand a planter or fountain on, but this enterprising gardener actually hollowed out the tree stump and planted flowers in it! Very cool.

The pink/yellow flowers are Periwinkle (Vinca), which are really colorful, and available in all kinds of shades, including blues, whites, violets and blood red.

The pink cup-shaped small flowers are Crocus, something I equate with Spring back in England, very easy to grow and pretty.

I'm having a hard time figuring out what the green plants are. Some have not yet bloomed, and others could almost be anything, including succulents! Any ideas? Please share on the Comments at the foot of this page.

Please use the Comments form at the bottom of the page to leave your feedback about this display, some of which has me "stumped", or click the arrows to see more weird and wonderful planters, including junked cars and trucks, a stack of tires, an old paint can, and an unwanted hot tub!

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