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Ideas For Container Gardening with the name of each flower labeled.

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Stunning Container Ideas!

container flower gardening ideas

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More Container Recipes!

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25 wonderful container garden designs, with recipes and flower labels added!

Beautiful Designs, All Labeled!

Learn the names of flowers in these stunning container designs.

Learn the names of flowers in these container arrangements!

Hilarious New Containers!

Click to see 20 recycled places to to grow flowers, herbs, veg and salad!

Hilarious ways to grow vegetables, herbs and fruit, including broken toys, paint cans and a shopping trolley!

You Are What You Eat!

Get the insider tips on growing tomatoes and vegetables in containers

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Container Fairy Flower Gardens!

Ultra-cute Fairy Flower Garden ideas. Even boys can get a kick out of their own "monster" garden (you don't have to use the 'F' word!).

Container Fairy Garden ideas for all the family to enjoy together!

More Container Garden Recipes

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Here's why. I've caught myself dreaming up combinations before when I'm trying to find my next set of design ideas.

Container gardening flower choices are UNLIMITED, though! Where to start, what to choose, how's it going to look?

I then inevitably head toward a container gardening magazine and start there. Photos are such great stimulation for the old brain, and gardeners who make it to that magazine can usually put together a pretty good list of ideas for container gardening.

Did you enjoy that? We loved bring it to you.

We took the trouble to label those container gardening pictures, because on most other sites, images aren't labeled with what makes up the design.

I'm left trying to figure out what that peculiar looking plant is in the back, or left wondering... "What is that making up that centerpiece?"

Please do click to share your own container garden design ideas.

I can't wait to read YOUR great ideas for container gardening!

More Creative Ideas for Container Gardening

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Pretty much anything can be used as a planter, including old paint cans, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, cars, trucks, even a broken doll's head or an old shopping cart! Prepare to be amazed...

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Plant the Best Organic Heirloom Garden Seeds
Escape the GMO trap, and do your bit for future bio diversity, by insisting on only organic heirloom seeds for planting your container garden. You will be delighted by the taste and appearance of long-forgotten varieties of your favorite fruits, veg and flowers.

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