Miniature Fairy Garden
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Start a beautiful miniature Fairy Garden in your house, on your patio, rooftop, or rock garden. These Fairy Flower Garden supplies, plants, kits and ideas will delight you and your family.

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Miniature Fairy Garden Pictures

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Why Create a Fairy Flower Garden?

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There are lots of great reasons to begin a Fairy Flower Garden. Here are just some of them:

It's fun - a great new hobby. You can be inspired by Nature, children's books, art in your house, anything really.

There are no rules - anything goes. Explore ideas, experiment, and if you don't like the results, then start again!

Your kids will love it - yes, even boys! We have three boys who are all predictably anti-Princess and -Fairy, but you can theme a garden for boys using toy soldiers, Trash Pack characters, monsters, or anything they're into. Here's a video of our own boys and their Trashy Garden (don't mention the "F Word - no Fairies!).

Fairy Garden Supplies

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Add features, details, and discovery points. Give your kids a project this weekend, and watch their creativity come alive!

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