Jarrahdale Heirloom Pumpkin Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

The Jarrahdale Pumpkin is an excellent variety that is an Heirloom native to Australia. It bears a resemblance to the Queensland blue but has shiny blue-grey skin and is not as deeply ribbed.

This drum-shaped fruit is quite heavy, weighing in an average of about six to ten pounds, so you'll need a very large container to grow it in.

Its unique color and texture makes it suitable to be used as decoration. There's more than meets the eye for this gorgeous gourd as its thick, orange, sweet-tasting flesh that is somewhat dense and dry-textured makes for a great soup and savory dessert.

One pack of Pumpkin Jarrahdale by David's Garden Seeds contains 15 seeds with an average yield of two fruits per plant.

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Unique appearance: Its appealing slate-grey skin makes it perfect for fall displays

Easy to grow and maintain: Growing the pumpkins in full sun requires little attention except for the occasional watering on days when the heat gets too unbearable

Long storage life: They can be kept in the basement or cellar for over a year so you can reuse them for decoration the next fall

Great-tasting flesh: Possible recipes for its sweet-tasting flesh are endless. A very simple way to enjoy it is to roast it with butter and brown sugar

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