Container Gardening Pictures
With Detailed Recipes

Container Gardening Pictures will save you a ton of time when the building process comes.

Whether you're grouping pots together, placing a single container amidst a garden, or you're wanting some color and/or drama on your deck or patio, having a visual aide can make the difference.

Use our pictures to help sort through color combinations, design options, and even what size and shape container would look best for your unique situation. Click any image to see a labeled enlargement, giving you the recipe to copy it, and care advice.

More Photo Advice

On a previous photo page, I suggested printing the page so the picture can be right in front of you. I still think that is a great way to keep any idea you have, fresh in the memory.

On the printout, make any notes of thoughts or ideas as they come to you. Lest you be as I, and forget ever too quickly.

Container Gardening Tip: Recycle, Reuse

Look around the house! Find anything and everything around the house which will hold soil to use as a container.

Click to see our gallery of incredible recycled containers!

Examples: Old Boots, Wicker Baskets, Wheel Barrels, Old Watering Cans. Click to see some AMAZING container garden ideas!

Take charge of your design, and let the dreams come to life. With everything from birdcages to boots, one can add attractive pieces of art and treasures to any Container Garden... with superb and eye-catching results.

The sky is the limit... let's get to flyin'!

Container Gardening Pictures

Container Gardening Pictures can present an awesome amount of visual feedback that we can use in the design of our gardens. Click on any image for full container garden recipe and care ideas.

Container Garden Birdcage with purple shamrock. Click for care advice

To the left is a whimsical display that everyone can enjoy. Simply sliding an old birdcage over an existing container is a neat way to spice up a "plain Jane" look.

If you desire such an effect, one might be wise to locate the birdcage first, then buy a container that will match its diameter. Click for care advice.

Palms in a huge blue container. Click for care advice

An elegant display that is sure to add beauty and elegance to any home. This striking blue oversize container is a great eye-catcher and is sure to make the neighbors talk.

The palm branches are a classic touch and makes for a wonderful display atop the mammoth blue container! Click for care ideas.

Containers arranged in harmony throughout a garden. Click for full description and care advice

Amidst the arbor in the background, we can see how placing pots strategically throughout the landscape can reveal a much grander garden.

Often, one can change out containers much easier than plantings in the soil, so... Always add planters to your garden when possible. They can fill in the gaps better that anything I know. Click for plant identities and advice.

Monkeying around! Click for full description and care advice

If you're a gardener with a sense of humor, then this will really appeal to you. Monkey flower with a See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil statuette...


Click for recipe and care tips.

An energetic container display with petunias, papyrus, sweet potato vine and tradescantia. Click for full recipe

Try to use containers in grouping at all possible. It took me a few years to realize that two is better that one... and three can be better than two.

A cluster of planters will show a fuller and more grand display than a single. Click here for container recipe and care advice on this lovely display.

Pansy and companions. Click for full description and care ideas

Tree branches are used here to achieve a unique appearance. Often container gardeners can enjoy the use of such objects incorporated into their designs.

Dead tree branches wouldn't be considered for much of anything else, but as you can see, they add a more earthy touch to what would be just a "normal" container display. Click for full description.

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